Nos Solutions pour les DJs

You're a DJ? Or do you mix lives? This section is for you.

Bien Entendu Editions offers a hand to recover your copyright related to the dissemination of your work and represent your best interest throughout the music industry.
On the other hand, we also reference your works in our catalog by collecting and notifying the different metadata allocated to them, we index and make them accessible to all our customers through our network.
If you're already a member of SACEM or another right society, simply register on our website and join our 4DJs space.
You'll access our software through download. It will allow you to export from different DJ mixing software like Traktor, Serato and Torq, the list of works performed and broadcast in your benefits in order to seamlessly generate a cuesheet report of your mixes. 
If it is a live, don't hesitate to contact us to proceed together to create names of works performed for each of your performances.
If you are not registered at SACEM or another non-French management company, we will also assist you in these efforts.